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GLENN & JOANN JOHNSON, Slemp, Kentucky


Llewellin Setter, Female

My English Setter, Sissy, was shy and timid...scared of her own shadow.  At
one year old, I was not sure training her was a good idea.  But since she was loved as one of our kids, we took her to Phil and Jane for training.   After a little over ninety days I went to pick her up.  This was not the
same dog I had dropped off.  She was bold...confident of herself.  I took her home feeling very proud of my dog.  What a great job of training she received in just ninety days!!  First hunt out Sissy went on point of three birds (grouse).  Birds killed and retrieved to me.  Wow!  What a dog!!!  Thanks to Phil & Jane, I have one of the greatest English Setters in the country.    To her credit, 18 birds in the freezer and it has only been 30 days into the season.







WAde SEMPKOWSKI, Nashville, TN


Llewellin Setter, Female


Tate went to Pea Ridge as soon as she reached age 1.  My concerns of a
training program breaking her spirit were quickly put to rest after meeting
Phil and Jane.  You could tell this was a team approach and they truly cared
for the dogs.  Tate had strong drive and instincts but tended to be wider
ranging than I wanted.  Phil was able to reign her in by the end of the
training as well as have her respond to whistle and voice commands and
develop a graceful, highly stylish gun dog.  She has since hunted local
quail, pheasants and sharptails in the Dakotas and grouse and woodcock in
the Northwoods.  Her training has allowed her to transition to all types of
hunting and perform wonderfully.  She remains a great house dog the rest of
the year.  I would highly recommend anyone send their Llewellin to Phil and
Jane for their training.







Palos Hills, Illinois


REMY - Llewellin Setter, Male


As a novice bird dog owner, I could not have asked for a more rewarding experience fo both me and Remy...not only from the training program  point of view, but also from the care and attention given to Remy while at Pea Ridge.  Phil's mentoring style and technique are second to none.  I look forward to many rewarding experiences with Remy and futhering his training
with Phil next season and hunting along side him for some Tennessee quail. If there was ever a Dog Whisperer for Llewellins, Phil is it!  So if you want to have your best friend trained by the best, Pea Ridge Kennels is the place.


CLYDE & SANDRA mCallister - West Brookfield, MA

Llewellin Setter, Female

When I picked Maggie up from Phil, she responded consistently to the basic commands, heel, come, whoa, stay, retrieved, honored and water retrieved. She has never bumped a bird or refused a retrieve.  Her retrieves include\Pheasant, Chukar, Quail, Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock.  The facilities, training equipment and techniques are all first class.  I found Phil to be a knowledgeable, professional southern gentleman.  I'm proud to know him and
wouldn't hesitate recommending him as a bird dog trainer.

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jimmy cantrell,
West Liberty, KY

BELLE - Llewellin Setter, Female

Belle is by far the one of the best upland dogs I have ever hunted behind. When I sent Belle to Dr. Fortner at 18 months old, she had already had over 200 birds shot over her.  She was very natural, and knowing how great of a dog she could be if finished out by a professional trainer, I found Dr. Fortner.  I now have what I consider one of the best dogs alive.  Thanks Dr. Phil for helping me to have memories in the field and woods that will last a


pete & ev kramer -


Hackettstown ,
New Jersey

DEE - Llewellin Setter, Female

When we bought Dee we thought she would only be a couch potatoe.  Then we
found you and brought her down for training.  WOW!!  She has become a bird
finding fool.  She holds point and is very slow and methodical (this is
great for us with COPD and Asthma).  We are enjoying her and if and when we
ever get another Llewellin we will definitely bring her to you for training.



darren moore - Calvert City, KY

rex -
Llewellin Setter, Male

When I took Rex To Phil and Jane, he was already started.  He had a good
deal of natural ability and seemed to do things on his own, so that is how I
hunted him.  What he didn't have was a good solid foundation or structured
training program.  Once he went through this program, he was a comletely
different dog...very calm and never excited which made him produce much
better in the field.  His retrieving ability is amazing now after the
trained retrieve...he fetches out of water or anywhere else without fail.
Rex is now a well rounded, very solid and dependable  bird dog and at such a
young age so I expect he will improve even more.  Thanks so much Phil & Jane
for helping Rex reach his full potential!



bradley g. davidson - LaGrange, GA

dashes -
Llewellin Setter, Male

I was very pleased with the training and the facilities that were provided by Phil.  Phil is a very skilled and gentle trainer.  His kennels and training grounds are very well maintained.  Jane provided updates with
pictures to show Dashes progress.  Thank you Phil and Jane for all the hard work!  Looking forward to working with you again


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